Paint Correction Explained

Kidmans Paint and Detail Ltd are able to offer paint correction to improve and protect the condition of your paintwork.

Please read below for details on what we do to bring your vehicle back to its best.

The Process of Paintwork Correction

The exterior of your car is carefully cleaned to remove surface dirt and grime. We use chemicals which safely dissolve dirt without affecting the paint surfaces. Only microfibre sponges and washmitts which do not hold dirt like traditional open cell sponges, preventing further scratches and swirl marks. Alloy wheels are cleaned using wheel and metal safe chemicals which safely remove stubborn grime and staining. All door shuts and undersides of the vehicle are cleaned and then protected as required.
Once cleaned the paintwork surfaces are inspected. We use a ‘clay bar’ which removes contamination not removed from the initial cleaning stage. The paintwork is then rinsed again and dried. Its now ready for the next step. We assess the condition and advise what defects can and cannot be removed safely.

Different manufacturers use different paints that vary in thickness and durability. For example BMW and Mercedes use tough, glass-like ceramic clearcoats, and at the other end of the spectrum, Honda tend to use very soft and thin coatings.

Because of these differences, we have a variety of different compounds, polishes and pads to match the OEM finish to achieve the best possible results. Machine Polishing remove swirl marks which hide the true colour and gloss of the paint, we also remove light scratches and other defects. Deeper defects can often be much improved in most cases, and of course anything that cannot be removed like scuffs and key scratches we can offer our paint repair service at the same time at a competitive price.

There are generally speaking two main stages to the polishing process. The first removes the majority of swirl marks and deeper defects. This is then refined to stage two, which further removes lighter swirls and imparts a deep gloss. We aim to offer up to 75-85% correction of swirl marks depending on the vehicle.

To refine further would take the condition to ‘show’ standard and is something we can offer if you require, typically this would take a 2-3 days and 15+ hours of correction.

Once correction is complete, the next step is to protect. We always recommend sealing the freshly corrected paintwork to offer the best protection. Wax can then be added to layer up the protection. We offer two types of paint sealant according to your preference.

Time to complete this work varies according to the condition of your vehicle, in most cases we aim to complete within one day.

A Little About Us

Who are we ? Where did we come from? And what do we do?
Some questions that you may ask if you have heard about us, or searched for a local company that can repair minor paintwork damage to your car in Norfolk.

We had humble beginnings.
Gareth Kidman, the owner of Kidmans Paint and Detail, started taking an interest at a young age in making cars look their best. So much so that even before he started high school, repairs had started on family vehicles! His patience and determination to do things right and transform them into gleaming cars has always been there. Getting rid of scratches, scuffs and dents is only part of the story. Valeting was also a key part in the process. After school education he worked at a local USAF Airbase detailing cars, a great experience working on a variety of different vehicles. This expanded to include specialist car sales too and this is where the paint repairs started to gather pace.In his spare time, you’ve guessed it, back working on cars restoring a project Mini! Cutting his teeth into welding, fabrication and all aspects of preparation before painting.

With the project completed at the age of 16, he began work and training in mechanics at a local garage, and then to further his skills he also carried out training in the bodyshop field.

In 2004, back when ‘SMART’ repairs were still unknown in the UK as a viable option for Small to Medium paintwork repairs, he traveled to North Carolina USA to work for Paint Wizard, learning new time saving techniques that to this day are still implemented regularly.

His passion for perfection in paintwork soon took him to new areas, moving back to the UK to be close to family, he started work for a BMW dealership in 2007 in charge of their refurbishment department. Very soon after, a large franchise company contacted him to carry out these repairs for their top brand companies such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes and in 2008, he became completely mobile, travelling between dealerships in Surrey.Unfortunately the economic downturn at the end of 2008 meant redundancy loomed. Undeterred, he took the best decision possible in difficult times.

Kidmans Mobile Paintshop was born;
Over the past 5 years the company continued to grow steadily, with more and more demand for a high standard of work carried out by a company passionate about paint whilst keeping costs as low as possible. We believe we offer the best option in Norfolk to return your car to its best. If you’re selling, we guarantee to increase the value of your car to enable you to sell in the least amount of time possible.If you’re car has become damaged through no fault of your own, we will repair it to as good as new condition at a cost effective price.If the paintwork is looking tired, we guarantee to improve its condition by specialist detailing techniques that remove scratches, not mask them.If your wheels are kerbed, we can refurbish them too! Matching OEM finishes or something a bit a different like a change of colour or effect. From those early days fixing dents on family cars to the present, our goal has always been simple. We love cars, and we treat our customers cars with the respect they deserve. No matter the age, brand or cost, we put passion and pride into every job as if it were our own. And that is what sets us apart. We hope this has been a useful insight into our company, and if you have any questions or simply need advice we are always happy to help.