Paintwork Detailing

We can perfect your paintwork

We offer a comprehensive service which represents excellent value for money if you’re looking for a permanant solution to remove those swirl marks, light and some deeper scratches which can also be improved dramatically. Ideal if you’re selling your car or simply want it looking its best.

The Process of Paintwork renovation in more detail –

The exterior of your car is carefully cleaned to remove surface dirt and grime. We use chemicals which safely dissolve dirt without affecting the paint surfaces. Only microfibre sponges and washmitts which do not hold dirt like traditional open cell sponges, preventing further scratches and swirl marks. Alloy wheels are cleaned using wheel and metal safe chemicals which safely remove stubborn grime and staining. All door shuts and undersides of the vehicle are cleaned and then protected as required.

Once cleaned the paintwork surfaces are inspected. We use a ‘clay bar’ which removes contamination not removed from the initial cleaning stage. The paintwork is then rinsed again and dried. Its now ready for the next step. We assess the condition and advise what defects can and cannot be removed safely.

Different manufacturers use different paints that vary in thickness and durability. For example BMW and Mercedes use tough, glass-like ceramic clearcoats, and at the other end of the spectrum, Honda tend to use very soft and thin coatings.

Because of these differences, we have a variety of different compounds, polishes and pads to match the OEM finish to achieve the best possible results. Machine Polishing remove swirl marks which hide the true colour and gloss of the paint, we also remove light scratches and other defects. Deeper defects can often be much improved in most cases, and of course anything that cannot be removed like scuffs and key scratches we can offer our paint repair service at the same time at a competitive price.

There are generally speaking two main stages to the polishing process. The first removes the majority of swirl marks and deeper defects. This is then refined to stage two, which further removes lighter swirls and imparts a deep gloss. We aim to offer up to 75-85% correction of swirl marks depending on the vehicle.

To refine further would take the condition to ‘show’ standard and is something we can offer if you require, typically this would take a 2-3 days and 15+ hours of correction.

We highly recommend locking in that shine with the best protection available, we offer a number of different products to suit your budget.